We believe in building a better San Diego.
Here’s how we do it.


Bycor is committed to sustainable construction practices and to helping our San Diego community grow and prosper.


Bycor is committed to leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Giving Back

“Our Community Matters” is a program we developed to help support local schools, churches and nonprofit organizations.

Community Partners

Monarch School Project

Bycor’s primary focus in community involvement has been in supporting The Monarch School Project, a school for homeless youth. This program is unique in the United States and has been tremendously successful in giving students the opportunity to overcome their circumstances and transfor their lives.

We built a 50,000 square-foot school for Kindergarten through 12th grade students, as well as social services for these children. For more information on Monarch, or instructions on how to get involved or donate, please visit monarchschools.org

Monarch School
“Serve first. It’s how my father ran his business and I saw how it made a difference in his world and the people that he served.”Scott Kaats, Bycor Principal